Some useful resources

Mostly, these are things I find helpful in my research... so there is a mix of astronomy, physics, etc.


Ned Wright's Javascript Cosmology Calculator


A javascript chi2 calculator

Astronomical Observing

Epemerides, airmasses, etc: ESO skycalc tool, Kitt Peak observers' calendars, Las Campanas ephemerides

Imaging tools: Filter Profiles from the Virtual Observatory site at JHU.

Spectroscopy tools: VLSR calculator


The Mauna Kea Forecast (which I think may be the only professional forecast geared specifically for astronomy)

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Where I Work

Arizona State University is a large, state-supported university located in Tempe, in the Phoenix metropolitan area. ASU astronomers have access to the state-funded Arizona telescope system, which includes world class telescopes in south-eastern Arizona (LBT, MMT) and in Chile (Magellan). All ASU astronomers (faculty, postdocs, and gradudate students) can lead proposals for observing time on any of these telescopes. Astronomy at ASU resides in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, along with planetary science, geology, and some engineering. We have a group of about a dozen astronomy professors, and some 20-25 graduate students in our astrophysis PhD program. We have an active research environment with regular seminars, colloquia, lunches, and coffee discussions. Our recent PhD graduates have gone on to postdoctoral fellowships at UC Davis, Texas A+M, UC Riverside, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Phoenix offers big-city amenities, a warm climate, and great access to outdoor recreation... so if you're considering graduate school in astronomy, please take a look at what we have to offer!